Monday, May 21, 2012

ja'makin me happy mon'

3 days into my residency and i needed a vacation. 
me and ryan had been planning to go on a vacation in august probably since the moment we got back from colorado last summer. we just didnt know where. 
i decided this weekend I was making the move. we were going to decide on our trip. 

after lots of looking. and searching. and cruise hunting. and travel guide reading. and groupon scrolling. and livingsocial perusing. it was decided. 

5 nights. 
at an all inclusive resort. 

and yeah. it was insanely good deal. 
kinda too good. like it makes ryan really nervous good deal. 
haha... im all about some groupon. 

i mean with a jacuzzi like this, 
and a view like this: 

its going to be wonderful. 
...and no. we aren't staying in one of those cool tiki huts. 
2 reasons. 
1- no AC
2- 50$ exra a night. (that adds up)

anyway. we still have an ocean view room with AC :) 

my residency just got a whole lot better. 
day dreaming of vacation everyday makes anything better. 

Friday, May 18, 2012


well. i graduated. 

the tricky thing is- i don't actually graduate until august. this is my empty diploma. 
...and after graduation they took this back too. 
i did walk across the stage. shake the dean's hand. wear a cool hood. 
oh and forget to give the announcer man my name card... so i had to whisper in his ear my name. 
apparently danielle snider is too hard. 
rebecca snider is what came out. 

my mom jokes-- she doesn't know who this rebecca snider is. 
true. its an odd name. 
but whatever. 

i am currently in my residency. 
everyday this summer from 8-5 i'll be "working" ...for free. 
and doing lots of random things my doctor asks... like research this. find out this. do this. 
ok. whatever. 
august will be here before i know it. 
thank goodness. :) 
im ready for a job. an income.
oh. and a vacation.

more than just a few days in raleigh--- although. that was loads of fun. 
it was great seeing these two ladies. two of the best gals i know. 

it was awesome great seeing the family. always nice to relax and hang out with them! 

welp. thats about it these days. 
tonight we are spicing life up a little by going to a minor league baseball game! 
best part of all... fireworks after!

hopefully the blog won't suffer this summer.... i mean- i am going to florida to see my best friend's baby in less than a month! thats going to be AWESOME!!
and then another good friend is getting married in june. one in july. 

and helllLLLLOOOO vacation in august. 
despite this 8-5 "job"- i WILL make it a  fun summer!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It is finished...

My academic work of grad school is over. I'm done with tests. Papers. Research. Writeups. And class. Beautiful I tell you. The past few days I have wanted to blog, but haven't felt like it. So I haven't. It's a good feeling to have to no responsibility. I get to read. Quilt. Go on walks with mowgli. Dye my hair. And then re-dye it. And do lots of shopping... At goodwill and other thrift shops of course :) its been wonderful. Now on to a
Night of Harry potter movies :) tomorrow is looking like a busy day of quilting followed by a movie date ;) two weeks of freedom... It's beautiful!