Tuesday, February 28, 2012


 im longing for friends. 

my heart is aching for a late night chat, movie night, adventure, ANYTHING. 
don't get me wrong. my time with my best friend/ hubs is wonderful... but i miss my friends

and i don't just want new friends. 
i want my friends. 

because i think i have pretty much- the best friends in the world.

i want to smile & be silly.

 i want to laugh.
go out.
talk the night away.dress up.


 i just want my friends.

just in a little funk.
i love these people.
i miss these people.
i need these people.
im grateful for each season of life i have had with them.
sometimes i wonder if i'll have friends again.
i know i will. i wondered that after lagrange- and durham brought incredible friends.
its hard to make friends.
its hard to WANT to make new friends.
i like mine thank you very much.

hopefully itll happen.
right now- its me. mowgli. ryan & jesus. (def not in that order)
and for now.... i suppose... thats what i need.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

adventures in vegetarianism.

hm. don't know if thats a word. 
well. ive been a vegetarian for three days. 
thankfully- for cheese- its not been too big of a deal. 
(read my vegetarian?! page for more details on this adventure)

anyway. i did meet a challenge yesterday. i forgot my lunch at clinical. 
all i brought was an orange for a snack. 
crap. what was i to do. 
i had an hour break for lunch- so i figured i'd drive around while i brainstormed...
then. i saw a wendy's. 
and well-- im not a fan of fast food- BUT
wendy's does have a baked potato and side salad (both are a dollar)
and combined- thats a filling meal!
so for 2 bucks i succeeded in a meat-free meal.

ryan made falafel's for dinner. 
yeah. i didn't know what it was either. 
it was awesome though. 
thank goodness my husband can cook!
basically its pitas- with chickpea patties (sorta) and seasoning inside. 
it was so good. :) 

not too much else is going on in life. well clinicals and school. 
but thats not too exciting. 
oh im going to start a quilt in all my spare time for my most favorite new baby-to-be
lillie claire... coming to a town near you soon :) 
since i have no spare time- we shall see how that one goes. 

and well im doing some fun readings right now about food and meat and consumerism and lent. 
im also really thankful these days for my sweet, kind, supportive, and chef-esque husband of mine. 
and my dog. i love those big brown eyes and cuddly little guy. he really is the darn cutest dog ive ever seen. you can't deny that. 

oh. and my birthday. its coming up soon. 
:) i totally forgot about it. but its in like 14 days :) 
today i came up with a big list of things i'd love.... i guess ill share them here. 

- pedicure
- massage
-nick sparks new book
-tickets to the lion king in greenville sc
- tickets to the ACC championship game *on my birthday in atlanta!
-flight simulator
-and always a new pandora charm :) 

and well. since all of those things cost a fortune.... well except the book... i guess i'll be okay with a night out with my hubby! like a big nice dinner. 

welp.  im going to bed... adios and goodnight

Thursday, February 23, 2012

dinner is served...

tonight on the menu: nachos with beans, veggies and cheese. 
let me tell you how we the hubs made this delicious meal.

saute some onion & green pepper. 
add black beans. (to warm)
now add: this is the catcher: cream cheese! 
(we didn't have cream cheese so we used a laughing cow cheese triangle. and it was amazing. i bet the cream cheese would be better though) 
so after that is nice and warm toss on top of (a burrito) or chips. 
add more shredded cheese on top. 
throw on some salsa. 
amazing- better than average- super filling- nachos.


dinner was awesome.


the past week i have been having crazy dreams. like seriously crazy. 
lets see. we have plays. acting debuts. car crashes. driving in the sky. delivering babies. 
and thats just the start. 
these crazy dreams are making me lack in the sleep department. 
its the worst sleep ever. 
so last night i took an ambien.
*prescribed by my provider*

oh gracious. did i sleep. 
and only dreamt mildly this morning. 
(none of the rapid heart rate, crazy dreams keeping me up all night)
but now. 
i can't keep my eyes open. 
luckily i just have to do school work today. and go to grocery store.  

its 9.30 and im on my second batch of caffeine... after the coffee failed me.

not sure which is worse- being exhausted after a crappy night sleep- or having heavy eyes after an awesome night sleep. 

perhaps i just need a morning nap :)