good reads

I really enjoy reading. Sitting outside reading is one of my favorite places to be. im also a big fan of bundled up on the couch in my big blanket and sweat pants reading my days away. i love getting lost in a book. here are my recommendations for good reads.

books I <3 :

love does: i really enjoyed this book. great, exciting stories- followed with a connection to God's amazing love for us. i loved this book and found it challenging and fun all at the same time.

in the woods: dang. i- loved- this- book. this was the first "murder-mystery" book i have read. i couldn't put it down. holy smokes. so good. twists. turns. and actually an angry ending. but i suppose the ending will do. to me- its not the happily ever after ending i want. but thats ok. they all can't be. still. great book. it really was a mystery to me. like reading a criminal minds/ CSI book. easy read with an international flare.

 THE GLASS CASTLE  can't put it down! its great.  hilarious memoir of a crazy life traveling around the US and basically living a childhood out of the car. its a fun, easy read!

half broke horses: the follow up to the glass castle. although its  a "pre-quel". its again- hilarious. crazy. insane. and a fun easy read. i def recommend this one- after the glass castle!

harry potter: love them ALL. they get better book by book.

the gifts of the small church: written by a guy from duke. has been a wonderful read for me and ryan. great hilarious stories. encouraging words. great advice for those who are serving at a small rural church.

the help: easy read. was eye opening to what life was like in the south during the 70's. controversial for sure. interesting to say the least. i enjoyed it overall. the book is FARRRR better than the movie. way better.

jesusland: beware. not for the faint of heart. great quick read-- took me 2 days! and its long--- but its intense. it will make you cry. but its an incredible story of a white 'christian' family who adopted two black boys. woah. what a ride.

water for elephants: of course- better than the movie. loved this story of the circus adventures back in the early 1900's. fun book. great story with a bit of romance twisted in.

the road: talk about a scary crazy book- this is one of them. a page turner for sure. keeps me up all night reading. short crisp sentences- which i like- lead you on an adventure through the 'end of the world' life on earth.

redeeming love: if you ask most christian girls they will probably say this is one of their favorite books. I am no different. its an incredible love story of grace and forgiveness. with symbolism of christ's everlasting love of us.