Tuesday, August 30, 2011


these little birds are so cute--- at least i think so! 

and well we do have some catching up to do. 

let me see if i can break it down for you quickly. 20 things that will catch you right on up.

1. my mema turned 80 today! we have spent the last week celebrating at a cabin. our entire family was there. it was amazing. 
2. my bro go married. 
3. i started school today! and by started i mean i am going to start. after i blog. off to the library to start work on my classes. 
4. im a nerd and can't wait to fill my calendar up. 
5. im reading a crazy good book right now: the glass castle. its a must read
6. my best friend in the whole wide world is coming in 2 days
7. i finished my very first REAL quilt!!
8. today i started my 2nd quilt
9. i love sewing
10. i love my house in the mountains
11. we haven't used air conditioning in ages
12. our dog is almost- fingers crossed- trained?!? we think?!?
13. i have a 1yr old cousin who im in love with. he is so precious. 
14. my family is pretty much fantastic
15. my husband is an amazing preacher
16. my husband is an amazing man
17. i love my husband so dearly
18. i started a new journal/scrapbook/thing ... ill post pics sometime. i love it. 
19. i love the windows open! with a breeze blowing. mmm
20. sweet tea is my go too these days

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

books & boxes

so. last night i finished the 6th harry potter. it was sooooo good. oh my gosh. 
i could not put it down. i loved it. my favorite one yet. 
so of course--- i want to read the 7th one. 
but i think im going to wait. 
i went to the library today and checked it out--- but its about 800 pages. and i start school next week. 
oh and i read slow. realllly slow. 
anyway.... i've decided to save harry until christmas break--- and am currently debating what book to read next. 
i wanted to read 'the glass castle' but they didn't have it in at the library :( 

do you have any suggestions?!?!?! 

in other news.... we had an earthquake today. 
ryan was at his office and said his desk started shaking. he said he thought he was loosing his mind- but then he saw that there was an earthquake!! i didn't feel a thing. im kinda bummed about that! i spent a lot of time this afternoon hoping for an 'aftershock' or something... but nothing. 

oh. can i also mention its in the 70's here?? and in the 50's at night?!?! ive been wearing jeans and my cardigan today. oh my heart be still. im thrilled. 

and last but not least--- the box. 
so our puppy- mowgli is so small he can't jump on the couch. he drives me and ryan crazy bouncing trying to get up- and then he will drop his toy and want down to get it... etc. its a painful circle. so today--- i took a box. loaded it down with old magazines and then wrapped it up in some nice thick brown paper. so now we have a not to painful looking step for him! 
its actually working too. 
im thinking if this works i may actually make a cute cloth cover for it!

anyway--- off to celebrate my mema's 80th birthday this weekend!! so excited. my ENTIRE extended family will be at a cabin in the mountains this weekend. its going to be a blast!!!

love & peace & cool weather wishes granted your way!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


i got a new planner for this school year. 
its big. 
has sections for each week 
and every month has a spread. 
im so excited about using it. 
this summer i tried to do everything on my google calendar- but sadly. computer just doesn't cut it for me. 
i missed an assignment and never felt like i knew what was going on.
so. bring it on new semester. 
i have a killer planner and i cannnnt wait to fill it in with events. hw. tests. papers. clinical days. birthdays. duke games. trips. and more. 
just call me a nerd. 

cuts all around

today ryan & i ventured to a local salon and got great hair cuts!! and at a great price. 
i reallllly like the new lady. and she made my hair look GREAT! i have bangs! and my layers are muchhhh better. and who knew i had a reverse mullet. the sylist was like- well danielle, did you know that the front is about 2 inches longer than the back?!?! haha. oh dear. my hair was a mess. 
but is looking great now!!

then we headed home. 
and i was like hm. what should i do this afternoon? 
i dont want to run. or drive to the gym. 
so ryan suggested i mow the lawn. 
after going next door and borrowing their lawn mower- i set out. 
and mowed our lawn. 
first time EVERRRRRRR. 
like ever in my life.

anyway. the final results--- not too shabby!

oh and after. the neighbor came over and said--- "man ive never seen a preacher's wife cutting the grass!- i just couldn't believe it!" 

it made me laugh. i knew i'd make my mom proud. 

Friday, August 19, 2011


so. im teaching the youth sunday school.....
we are starting in genesis this week.
just going to start going through the bible.
i have a few resources im combining together to make a lesson that i like.
im pretty excited to see how it goes. 
my first goal is to decorate though.... of course :) 
turn the youth room into a little more fun and up to date. 
it is 2011. and the youth want "cool things" im sure. hahaaa....
oh. and ryan and i are doing youth on sunday nights.... thank goodness for nooma. 
that gets up through 24 weeks! who knows what we will do after that. 
if you dont know what nooma is.... google it. 
its a greattttt christian young adult/youth resource. 
cool video. great discussion topics. and makes my life easier!
so this weekend- youth kicks off. 
cookout at the parsonage!

bring on the fun!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


a few more... 

i loveeeee this one:

my precious little bro

kinda cool one

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


who made a 4.0 this semester? oh yeah. thats me.
im realllly proud of all the hard work, tears, sweat, and effort i have put into my program.
and here i am making all a's.
who would have thought.

off to quilt alllll afternoon to celebrate :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

a marriage & an anniversary....

so. my brother is married. 
him and his beautiful bride. 

and today is me and the hubby's anniversary. 
two years! 

i made him a cloth journal-- he got me a beautiful jewelry box from etsy. 
tonight we are going to a nice dinner in hot springs and then--- to a spa to enjoy the hot springs. 
pretttty excited. 

by the way. its high of 72 today. 
in the 50's at night. 

ill be posting lots and lots more wedding photos soon! it was a wonderffulllll wedding. we had so much fun with the family. and really enjoyed our time at home. there are about 1200 wedding pics that im cutting down and editing. it was a beautiful day!!

ta-ta for now

Thursday, August 11, 2011


my brother is getting married in 2 days. 
in case you were wondering what ive been up to--- its that. 
decorations. flowers. this. that. 
its been fun. 
but im beat! woke up exhausted. and a big day ahead. 
luckily.... im starting it out with a pedicure!

i'll post pics. don't you worry. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

iced coffee--

get ready for the most delicious beverage you could imagine.
i took 'the pioneer woman's recipe' for iced coffee and put my own little spin on it. i hope you enjoy!

first: start with a gallon of water. 

next. a cup and 2/3 of coffee. i used a flavored vanilla coffee. you do whatever! 

pour it in!! 

mine always looks funny. just sitting there on top. 

so i mix it. and oh. how good it smells. (: 

i leave that jug of coffee water out over night to steep. 
then.... the next morning........ 

i find its easier to throw a paper-towel in my handy re-usable strainer....

pour the coffee through the strainer and into the pitcher!
it gets messy. 
and fills up quickly--- which is why i use a paper towel. 
its easy to chunk the paper towel full of grounds- and grab a new paper towel!

yummy stuff on the left. 
coffee mud on right. 

oh yum. 

i keep the container in the fridge... and then when i want some... 
grab some ice.

pour in coffee. 

add creamer. 

im addicted to this: 

add straw and drink. 

its so so so so so good. and cost far less than my local 'bucks. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


well. you see. this new church thing--- its working out well. 
too well. 
the belly has seen the side effects. 
they aren't good. 

my brother is getting married in 2. count 'em TWO weeks. 

i got my dress in the mail yesterday. im CRAZZZZY about it. 
and it fits. but it could fit better. 

so over the next two weeks my goal: 
no sweets. (this alone will probably cut all my extra calorie intake)
decreased portions. 
water. water. water. 
and no fried food. 

ready. set. GO. 

lets see how this works out---