just a sewin' & a quiltin'

I have always loved to sew. Recently I have learned to quilt and fallen in love with it! Here are a few of my projects. Quilts, bags, blankets, scarves and who knows! Most of the patterns I read online and then just make it how I want. I know. That is not helpful to you. I hope you enjoy anyway!!

MeMa's 80! 
This is a quilt I made for my Mema's 80th birthday!
There are 80 squares- each representing a different year of her life! 

Each child has a special square with their name stitched in. There is a "wedding" square the year she was married. A square for each grandchild. And a few fun squares in between. 

It was very fun- and turned out awesome! 
My mema loved it too.

(the deets: each square cut to 5x5, sewn with 1/4inch seam. border is 1.5in and then 3in. backing is a solid piece of fabric with a binding hand sewn on/ didn't quilt together but instead used meaningful buttons throughout)

mama's heirloom throw quilt

A few years back my mom found some old :read 1920's: fabric in her GRANDMOTHER's attic. Her grandmother's house had been abandoned for years and years and she ventured in one day and came out with bags of fabric. She gave it all to me and said- make me something!
I cheerfully accepted but put it off.

For Christmas this year I pulled it out and threw something together.

I picked my favorite fabrics- and the ones that were still together- and made this throw quilt for my mom. The binding was ALREADY cut out by my GREAT grandmother- and even has some writing on it. The fabrics were quite random- but I loved that about it. 

(sadly- there are no details about this quilt. I literally just started cutting and made something happen)

After I gave it to my mom... she found this picture. 
of her. as a kid. in a dress made by her grandma--- the same material that's in the quilt. 

yeah. this might be the coolest quilt i've made. 
it was really neat thinking about how old the fabric was- 
how my great grandmother thought so hard, put so much effort and time in using the fabric. 
I really connected to my great grandma- and felt like I knew her. I never got to meet her, but I think we would have gotten along really well :) 

i must give credit, where credit is due. 
and made this fabulous bag. 
(although you will see mine is a tiny bit different)

i made it for christmas presents...
and kept one for myself.
i ended up doing my typical, change the pattern around and do my own thing,
but this is a simple guide to make a great little bag!

the big one!
Lillie-bug's quilt

my best friend in the whole wide world had her first baby.
what else would i make this special little girl than a quilt.
i wanted one that would last her forever...
(even though i still have & use the pink flowery/bunny rabbit quilt my grandma made me)
anyway.  without further ado...
the biggest- most time consuming- quilt to date.
but i loved EVERY moment of sewing and praying and daydreaming about sweet lillie :)

first I cut out about a million 5x5 squares...
and then lay them out how i wanted...
at frist i thought 'crosses' but i didn't like it.
so.. i went with diagonal stripes.
i totally made this up as i went.


after laying the squares out--- i sewed 'em together. 

 next up i quilted it to my backing... a giant sheet!
*this works out because lillie can have a matching fitted sheet to her quilt when she gets older :)

and then.... lillie came and completed the quilt!!

i think she liked it!!!


awesome scarf goodness!


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