Tuesday, March 27, 2012

s&d photography?! :)

i hit the road last weekend. 

i headed south and made a big circle in south georgia. 

i love south georgia in the morning. 
foggy. sun coming up. animals eating breakfast. 
i love it. loveeee it. 

i also love spring. and flowers. and bright colors. 

and my brother. i love him lots too. 
and i know he loves me. even if i have on 2 different patterns, and pink shorts that don't match. 

so in south georgia. 
i drove through lilly. 
on the way to see my lillie's sweet mama. 

lillie and mama... you can't even tell. 
well in this picture. 
you totally can in real life :) 

she had a photo shoot. 
i was her assistant. 
it was super fun. 
i wish we could do that every saturday morning.

 maybe one day.

 sara danielle photography. 
has a nice ring to it. 

we had an amazing 24 hours together. 
always fun. 
lots of laughs. 
smiles. stories. chatting. then great deep life discussion. 
its so great to have a friend who knows me so well. 

the past 2 days ive been kicking it in high gear- my school work that is. 
geeze. lots of work. 
but its worth it. 

tomorrow.... our mini vaycay. 
im pumped. 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


me and the hubs are exhausted.
he works so hard.
i work so hard on school.
we need a break.

so his cousin's wedding was the perfect excuse to make a getaway.

the wedding (which we are pumped about) is in virginia beach.
instead of driving up day before and driving back the day after---
we are going up even earlier.

we are staying HERE at a beach spa bed & breakfast.
we can walk to the ocean.
we have a jacuzzi on the roof.
we have a rainwater shower.
we have a gourmet breakfast.

( i should probably mention: this photo is from their website!) 

we are going on our little mini vaycay in a week.
we. can't. wait.
(and i only say mini because its wed-sat)

we will let you know how amazing our stay is.... when we get back. but for now, its time to daydream while i try and push through this school work.