Thursday, September 29, 2011


and i quote... "It's also likely that the first snowflakes of the season will fall at higher elevations north and west of Asheville by Saturday morning!" !?!?!

thank you. im so excited about this. 
did i mention i live in higher elevations west of Asheville?!?

please. read my sarcasm. 
ryan and i have been planning a backpacking/camping trip this weekend for ages. 
and then we get that weather report. 

we are most likely still going. 
ya only live once. 

so goodbye fall... hello winter?!!?
no. please no. 
come back fall!! i loveeeee you. 

if we actually get a few flurries (which im really doubting)
don't worry. 
i'll post pictures.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

research = vomit

im in 2 painful classes this semester.
and by painful i mean painful.
they actually cause headaches. misery. annoyance. pain.

mainly due that they are both GROUP PROJECT classes.
both classes divide you into a group.
with that group you write all of your papers. do your research. "divide" the work.
oh. did i mention one of my groups is in like 4 different states!
its absurd.

so. i dread those two classes.
seriously over the weekend a "team mate" finished up a paper we had due today. i started to read through it--- i was astonished. it was awful. horrible grammer. sentences that made no sense. oh gosh. i thought i was in GRADUATE school at DUKE. well after 2 other people e-mailed the group and said 'looks great' i took matters into my own hands. edited the BEAST out of that paper. All i'm saying is we better get an A now. and my "group" better not be hating on all the editing i did.

dear me. im ready for christmas already!!!

thank goodness i have 2 some what enjoyable classes.... exercise interventions (how and why people should exercise) i love it. and then there is my rotation at the urgent care. of course i LOVE LOVE LOVE that.

well back to my group horribleness.

Monday, September 26, 2011


yeah- I don't even know where I have been & why I have not blogged.

but im around. lets see--- probably doing one of the following: sewing. crafting. school. clinicals. more school. cleaning. chatting.  even more school. grocery shopping. gym-ing. or reading.

life is good. the leaves are changing. fall candles are burning. pumpkin is on the porch. crisp mornings lead to beautiful fall days.

i'll post some pics sometime.

love & peace

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DC-- here I come!

Over the weekend I was presented with a pretty exciting opportunity. 
I have never done any type of lobbying, advocating, or well- anything in DC (or well anywhere for that matter) 
Our DS (if you are methodist you know- the big guy in your district) suggested that I go with his wife to advocate for global health funding in DC. I will represent our district at a conference in DC and then go to Capitol Hill to chat with folks there. I have no idea what this means-- but I know that I am passionate about global health- and here is an amazing opportunity to do something BIG. 
I am hoping this will open doors for future opportunities to share the need of healthcare all over the world. 

Now- don't get me wrong. I know we need some drastic changes to OUR healthcare here in America. I have done a lot of studying on the mess that is "our healthcare" but here is the deal. 
we HAVE healthcare.
it may cost a fortune. 
you may go bankrupt. 
(none of those i support)
but we have it. 

people are dying- DYING- daily all around the world from curable, preventable diseases. they simply do NOT have the healthcare. the education. the option to stay healthy. 
I want to fight for those people. 
I want to educate people in our country. 
I want to encourage people to support organizations that help the sick, the dying, and the homeless.

so here is my opportunity. 
a trip to DC to learn more about what the UMC is doing for global health. 
what I can do for global health. 
and then off to capitol to do a little something. 

it will be an interesting and amazing experience... i hope. 
don't you worry. i'll keep you posted. 
i go in TWO weeks!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


yes. its true. im coming out of retirement to work :)
i got a job at a pretty big trauma center. im pretty pumped.
should lead to pretty fun stories.
i have a month before i start--- so trying to do as much school work as i can.
do all the projects around the house i can.
get ready to hit the working world.

i think its going to be great.

we shall see.

until then-- its to the library i go!

Monday, September 19, 2011

fall is here.

its 50* outside.
i wear a sweatshirt daily.
the leaves are changing.
there is a crisp breeze.
pumpkins are growing large.
apples are being gathered.
the corn maze is open.
fall is here.
and im pretty crazy about it.

the last few days i have enjoyed some time with ryan.
done some yardwork.
played bingo-- and won. oh and there were 500 people playing. did i mention i won a vera-bradley bag?!?
had a couple of job interviews.
done a church clean up.
worked on a quilt (im making 2 right now!)
spent time with our church kids.
tried to soak in this weather.

my agenda the next few days:
a little school.
a little sewing.
yard work.
hanging with my love.
and soaking up this weather in my new hammock swing.
perhaps i'll even decorate our house a little.

cool breezes from me to you---

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


i think my new 'set up' makes me want to blog more. i love opening up my blog now. i love that wood. and the pics. seems cozy. i dunno.

im trying to listen to a lecture right now. its boring.

its so amazingly cool outside. in the 70's.

the high this weekend.... 65. yes. i said HIGH.

im probably going to build a fire.

ok. back to the lecture. happy wednesday!

Monday, September 12, 2011


ryan did it. he talked me into / bought me a REAL sleeping bag.
i have to say i have the most amazing sleeping bag created.
its handmade- and i found it at a little antique boutique.
its reallly awesome- but not exactly camping approved.
so we looked and found this beauty:

and after an awesome 25% coupon i got a KILLER deal.
if you are interested-- let me know. i can hook you up :)

so. now that i have the bag (or will in 4-6 days) we are going on an overnight trip.
pretty excited about this. it will be my first backpacking trip. even if it is one night. :)

oh and of course. there will be pics.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


i have been very indecisive lately with my blog--- but i think i finally have a format/background/design that i like. if im going to post big pictures i like them on white backgrounds-- but then i couldn't find a background that i liked- for beyond the whiteness. yeah yeah--- i know. you probably don't care. 
anyway. i like it a lot now. 

today ryan preached an amazing sermon. perhaps i'll steal it from his computer and post it. no really. it was that good. matthew 18. forgiveness. he is such a special man. im so blessed and happy and crazy and in love with him. 

he is also really great at taking care of me when im puking. 
but thats another story.... im pretty blah tonight. oh well. 

peace. love. happiness. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

our hike

Ryan & I hiked around 6 miles today- we did a round trip journey up Holland Mountain. It was an amazing hike with incredible views and a few fun finds along the way. Enjoy the pictures!

fresh apples! a bit sour & grainy- but i've never eaten an apple off a tree!

the view! asheville is in the distance- it was awesome.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

photo adventure:

here are some of life's most recent photos... 

oh my parentals. 
how i love them :)

goat from narnia! 
....or the petting zoo i insisted on going to.

the only "good" pictures of me and sara.... from the ENTIRE weekend. 
i suppose thats what you get when you BOTH have a camera attached to your neck. 
no need for photos of us anyway. we have memories. 

classic sara:

ya know. a waterfall. 

best for last.... 

the first glimpse of fall!

its coming... and im so excited.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


i am having such an amazing weekend. 
let's see-- craft fair. hours of driving and exploring.
overpriced items. 
mexican restaurant... twice
ice cream. 
a trip to the hippiest town on the east coast--- and there just so happened to be a hippy fest going on. 
more icecream. 
and a late night trip to walmart.
oh and lots and lots and lotssss of laughter. 
its so fantastic being with my best friend. 
and then 2 more amazing friends. 
and my fantastic husband. 

so relaxing. 
so fun. 
im so blessed. 

Friday, September 2, 2011


the sister i never had--- is coming today to visit me!!
we go wayyyy back. like to college. :) 
its going to be a fun funnnnn weekend. 
apple festivals. 
pickin' in the park.
being IN a parade. 
seeing other friends from college. 
antique stores. 
rocking chairs. 

basically we are 65 year old women--- in 25 year old bodies. 

:) im so excited!!
lots & lots & LOTS of pics to come....

Thursday, September 1, 2011


im taking a class this semester: exercise interventions
its my elective
why i chose it--- who knows. 
but today im listening to my first lecture. 

...while in dunkin' donuts. 
eating a donut. 
and drinking a large iced coffee. 

it just doesn't seem right. 


this weekend... ok tomorrow...
the wonderful sara-- my bestie in the whole world--- will be flying in for the weekend!
on top of that 2 other amazing girl friends from college will be in town!
so excited to see katie & laura this weekend!
what a treat to have 3 amazing girls around!!